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つみき黒板カタチシリーズ / Cholk Block Form

つみき黒板カタチシリーズ / Cholk Block Form






  • 何度でも描いては消せるので、創造力・想像力は無限大に表現できます。
  • 「つみき黒板」で、ことば遊び、数字遊び、物語を作ったり、子供の創造性を育てます。
  • 黒板やチョークの持っている素材感や手ざわり感は、お部屋やお店の新しいインテリアとして様々なシーンで楽しんでいただけます。
  • ダストレスチョークは、ホタテ貝殻配合のリサイクル性に優れた製品で、安心・安全・経済的です。(グリーン購入法適合商品)
  • つみき黒板×チョークは繰り返し使え、環境にも優しいです。
  • 障害者多数雇用の日本理化学工業が一個一個プライドを持って作っています。

Tsumiki Chalkboard / Cholk Block
Creative blocks that can be freely drawn and assembled.
The concept is creative x ecological x normalization


Tsumiki Chalkboard is filled with such a world.

  • Since you can draw and erase as many times as you want, your creativity and imagination can be expressed infinitely.
  • Use "Tsumiki Blackboard" to play words, play numbers, make stories, and nurture your child's creativity.
  • The texture and texture of the blackboard and chalk can be enjoyed in various scenes as a new interior for rooms and shops.
  • Dustless chalk is a product with excellent recyclability containing scallop shells and is safe, secure and economical. (Products conforming to the Green Purchasing Law)
  • Tsumiki chalkboard x chalk can be used repeatedly and is environmentally friendly.
  • Nippon Riken Co., Ltd., which employs a large number of people with disabilities, makes pride one by one.




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