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NeoScope電子顕微鏡 UXdesign / NeoScope electronic microscope

NeoScope電子顕微鏡 UXdesign / NeoScope electronic microscope



JCM-6000Plus NeoScope卓上走査電子顕微鏡は、高真空モード/低真空モード標準搭載。EDS(オプション)を付ければ、試料を無処理で観察・分析できます。操作はマウスはもちろん、タッチパネルで直感的に行えます。設置スペースも小さい卓上SEMです。


製造現場に一台あれば、その場で問題解決の糸口が見つけられます。 小学校などにも導入され、日本のみならず海外の学校・企業にも展開されている。


・Design : sanodesign

・Manufacture : JEOL Ltd.



NeoScope electron microscope UXdesign / NeoScope electronic microscope
A UX design that arranges large buttons that are easy to understand and operate, and builds layers of color, size, display and non-display according to the priority of operation.


JCM-6000Plus NeoScope tabletop scanning electron microscope is equipped with high vacuum mode / low vacuum mode as standard. If EDS (optional) is attached, samples can be observed and analyzed without processing. The operation can be performed intuitively with the touch panel as well as the mouse. A desktop SEM with a small installation space.


If you have one at the manufacturing site, you can find clues to solve problems on the spot. It has been introduced to elementary schools and other countries, and has been deployed not only in Japan but also overseas schools and companies.


・ Design: sanodesign

・ Manufacture: JEOL Ltd.








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