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TNFとってもザイル / Tottemozairu

TNFとってもザイル / Tottemozairu









TNF Very Sile / Tottemozairu
Collaboration workshop with TheNorthFace. A dish that can be used in camps developed for DIY.


An item that incorporates the fun and practicality of communicating with manufacturing and the outdoors, and is also useful for summer camps.

"Very Zile" is an original camping item that can be used for various purposes such as mini tables, carry trays, and stools utilizing wood. The impact driver was DIY, and even beginners and parents were beautifully finished. Contains the North Face and Nakahara Kobo brands.


"Wood badge" is a popular item that you can decorate and make on your own wooden plate. It can be used as a favorite item for clothes and bags.






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